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Why the name Endless Curiosity? Because there’s so much to be amazed at in this world of ours. There’s so much to question, there’s so much to be interested in, so much to be curious about and to wonder about.

There’s an overwhelming amount of information available to us in books, newspapers, magazines, television, and of course the Web. How on earth can you make sense of it all? You have to think critically, to look at what make seems true and what doesn’t, at what is supported by facts and what is supported by fiction and lies. Then, when you come across beliefs and actions that are supported only by fiction and lies, you have to think about what makes sense and what doesn’t. Above all, you have to be curious about the truth.

So much of what people do is driven by self interest, which is a lovely catch phrase for all the motivations we have that are derived from our insecurities and unmet needs. Self interest all too often leads to greed and a desire for power, and sometimes after seeing or hearing politicians in action, you have to wonder, you have to be curious about their motivations.

Since politics is made up of people who enjoy power doing things that often seem totally weird, it can be fascinating to try to understand why they do what they do. The wonderful thing for the curious is that there is so much exciting research into how our brains work and why we think the way we do. Why do people believe weird things? Why do we do things that we know are stupid? Why do people have different memories of the same event? Why are people sure of things that are actually wrong?

You have to be curious. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but is on balance a good thing. It’s how knowledge advances. People wonder how things work or why things are, and come up with theories. Maybe those theories work, maybe they don’t. The ones that don’t get thrown away and the ones that work move forward, increasing the total of humanity’s knowledge.

So, never stop learning. Or wondering. Or thinking. Or being curious.

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