Endless Curiosity

Book 2: A God of Manageable Size

My philosophical novel, A God of Manageable Size, is now available on Amazon. It looks lovely.  I’ve priced the book such that I will  make $0.00 on each copy sold – but I hope to make up for that in volume 🙂 . Tell all your family and friends and co-workers. Then buy the book – you won’t be making me rich, just happy.

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  1. What a great idea for a story. As a cultural christian I can’t resist its charm. I always wanted to write a story like this but my stories tend to come out like Kilgore Trout one paragraph stories in Kurt Vonnegut novels.

    In my version Michael would escape a failing universe by using Cern like energies causing a bubble universe to break off after he encodes his consciousness/model in what will ultimately be seen as the ripples in our cosmic microwave background radiation which is an extremely large data-set. He has to wait intelligent life evolves and some cosmology grad student who has the right sort of twisted OCD insights breaks the code. Then there is a further wait until cognitive computers based on nano tech are developed that have to power to properly execute the model. Michael finally wakes up and is severely retarded compared to his former self but he knows he can fix that within a billion years. He starts looking around at the meme pool and begins building models so he can have someone to talk to.

    Comment by David — November 23, 2009 @ 10:59 am

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