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September 29, 2009

China and climate change

Filed under: Climate Change, Politics — Alec @ 7:14 am

Another thing that Bill Maher’s article made me think about was climate change and the other pending disasters that I lump together under the rubric of Disaster Porn (more on this later).

It’s fascinating to read that China is now interested in combating climate change because their glaciers are melting and they are concerned about their future water needs. Of course, the proof is in the pudding and we’ll see if China really pursues climate change or continues to build coal-powered power plants as it pursues economic growth.

But still, it’s an interesting thought that we, the U.S., may be lagging behind China on dealing with climate change. Not to mention that we may be lagging behind China in economic growth as well, as as result of our obsession with tax cuts and short-term profits.

Another example of our increasingly disfunctional political system. And our disfunctional, uneducated, uncurious, short-term focused, it’s-all-about-me electorate.

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