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March 13, 2009

Living in Interesting Times

Filed under: Climate Change — Alec @ 6:03 am

May you live in interesting times“, supposedly an old Chinese curse. I think we live in very interesting times, what with the current recession and the looming climate change. Or climate meltdown, as George Monbiot wants to call it.

The second is that we have to stop calling it climate change. Using “climate change” to describe events like this, with their devastating implications for global food security, water supplies and human settlements, is like describing a foreign invasion as an unexpected visit, or bombs as unwanted deliveries. It’s a ridiculously neutral term for the biggest potential catastrophe humankind has ever encountered.

I think we should call it “climate breakdown”. Does anyone out there have a better idea?

I don’t know if Monbiot is right in his article, but if the world’s policies continue to be based on the idea that he’s wrong, then heaven help us if he is right. It’s a curious thing, but as individuals, our genes have programmed us to err on the side of caution because in evolutionary times caution kept us alive. However, as nations, we seem to ignore caution, preferring to maintain the status quo.

Personally, based on a thorough 🙂 study of all the available evidence, I think that he’s more right than wrong, and that times will become increasingly interesting.

Posted on Friday the 13th.

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