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February 1, 2009

The Neros

Filed under: Republicans — Alec @ 3:22 pm

Remember Nero? The Roman emperor who fiddled while Rome burned? It makes me thing of our Republican politicians, fiddling while the economy burns. In fact, fiddling is a good term because of the massive corruption that went on during the Bush Administration, with no-compete contracts, lobbyists writing bills, and the like. Anything to enrich their masters.

So maybe we should start calling the Republicans Neros instead. The great thing about the word Neros is that without changing a letter, just rotating it, we discover that the Republicans are also Zeros. Which pretty much describes them in terms of the good their policies have done for the majority of Americans.

Did you know that Nero would have Christians soaked in tar then crucified. Once crucified they would be lit and used as human torches around his garden. Is it too far a stretch to say that the Republicans have metaphorically crucified tens of millions of the American poor so that the lives of the rich could be brighter? Okay, okay, perhaps it is, but I thought you’d be interested in that tid-bit about Nero.

He also had his mother executed (you could maybe understand it if it was his mother-in-law, but his mother?). Perhaps we could stretch this and compare it to the Republicans executing the Constitution of this country? No, oh well, just trying to come up with analogies.

Still, Republicans are Neros – pass it on.

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