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February 1, 2009

Republican chutzpah

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Well, you have to give the Republicans credit. They may have caused the biggest recession since the Depression, fucked up the lives of millions of Americans, crippled the economies of much of the world, and shown the bankruptcy of their ideas, but they still think they know the answers.

“GOP leaders doubt stimulus bill will pass Senate” is the headline.

There is so much evidence that tax cuts a) don’t pay for themselves and b) pass wealth from the poor to the rich, yet:

Republicans suggested overhauling the Senate’s stimulus proposal because they said it doesn’t pump enough into the private sector through tax cuts but allows Democrats to go on a spending spree unlikely to jolt the economy.

Full article here.

But I don’t think the Republican politicians care about the economy or about the American people. They care about themselves and the people who fund (own) them. Which is not you or me.

As I quoted in a previous post, “Never look for complexity in diplomatic political decisions. With very few exceptions, actions always devolve – and that’s the exact term – from someone’s self interest. Not the national self-interest, by the way. We are talking here about individual careers.”

But enough of this, time to go and make a big pot of chili for the Superbowl party. What about them Broncos? Oh, wrong year? Ah, I remember those two glorious years when John Elway and Terrell Davis won consecutive Superbowls – okay, with a bit of help from a few others.

So who am I rooting for this year? I think Pittsburgh will win, but in honor of my friend Cathy, I’ll root for Arizona. (As an aside, why does one team play for a city and the other for a state? Isn’t this a bit unfair?).

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