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January 26, 2009

How I deal with mental breakdowns

Filed under: Psychology — Alec @ 8:15 am

You’re concerned? Oh, I get it, you think this post is about me. Well, thank you for your concern, but while I share the human condition and have had my share of suffering, boredom, sadness, feeling overwhelmed, loneliness, depression, elation, happiness, joy, and everything in between, I’ve not yet had a mental breakdown.

No, this is a posting I came across purely by chance. Here are a couple of sentences from the introduction: “This blog entry from Rayne’s World, I think, is indisputably my favorite blog post of all times from any blog anywhere. It is certainly the most profoundly meaningful and memorable to me.”

When I read that I decided to link to the article – although I do wonder about that juxtaposition of “I think” and “is indisputably” 🙂

Update: after reading my last sentence, the author has slightly modified her article – see the comment!

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  1. ha ha ha ha!! I may just have to go and correct that now…which may leave your post a bit strange!

    yes, you’ve successfully shamed me—I confess I have perfectionist tendencies that unfortunately are always thwarted by how miserably imperfect I am…

    Comment by giannakali — January 26, 2009 @ 8:20 am

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